“The world needs bold,
compassionate, well-balanced
leaders now more than ever …”

The Corona Diaries, Vol. 9: Energy + Intention = Vitality

We are at or nearing the fatigue stage of COVID-19. You’ve probably noticed that when we face an immediate threat or crisis – whether it’s a small one like a burst pipe at home or a large one like a fire or this pandemic – we human beings, almost without exception, rise to the occasion. […]

A new thought leader for a boundless age

Ever since he was a kid, McKeel has been determined to pursue excellence any way he could. His intellectual curiosity led him to the thinkers of antiquity and his personal drive towards a boundless life brought him face-to-face with some of the greatest leaders in the world. After years of searching and experiencing, thinking and synthesizing, McKeel Hagerty is ready to share his unified theory of success with you.