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How this one habit could add years to your life … and life to your years

My friend and business coach, John Anderson, asked me to write the foreword for his upcoming book “Replace Retirement.” I quickly agreed, figuring it was the least I could do since John, on the first day I met him, extended my life by at least 12 years. To explain, let me take you back to […]

Boundless: A Guide to a Flourishing Life In a Disoriented Age

Equal parts inspiration and education, McKeel Hagerty’s Boundless: A Guide to a Flourishing Life In a Disoriented Age marries philosophical insights with lessons learned from some of the brightest business minds and greatest thinkers in the world. Informed by his love of the classics and his personal experiences, McKeel reveals fundamental truths about what it means to be human while giving readers the advice they need to start living a boundless life.

A Thought Leader for the Disoriented Age, McKeel Hagerty

Ever since he was a kid, McKeel has been determined to pursue excellence any way he could. His intellectual curiosity led him to the thinkers of antiquity and his personal drive towards a boundless life brought him face-to-face with some of the greatest leaders in the world. After years of searching and experiencing, thinking and synthesizing, McKeel Hagerty is ready to share his unified theory of success with you.