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Boundless: A Guide to a Flourishing Life In a Disoriented Age

Personal Excellence and Leadership Growth

Work-life balance is a myth.

And it’s a dangerous one. When we think of our work and our life as separate from each other we create a zero-sum game, one that limits our growth as people and professionals.

In his new book, Boundless: A Guide to a Flourishing Life In a Disoriented Age, McKeel Hagerty examines modern paradigms of success, challenges traditional conceptions of leadership, and the ways we engage with our lives to offer readers his vision of what it means to lead a flourishing life.

With an intellectual curiosity that bounces from the Myth of Sisyphus to the excellence of Michael Jordan, McKeel Hagerty’s Boundless strings together a lifetime of learning, philosophy, and experience with a passion and dynamism that is sure to inspire us all to become truly boundless.

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