The Boundless Leader No. 5: A high IQ is great, a high EQ is better

August 1, 2022

There was a time when emotions were largely disregarded within the corporate world or, worse, viewed as a weakness. Think of the Jack Welch era. Performance was thought to be only in the numbers, only in the results. It didn’t matter how anyone felt about it or if there was any meaning in the outcomes.

Times have changed, thank goodness. Today’s leaders know that emotions and feelings affect all people within an organization, as well as customers, suppliers, partners and others. Extraordinary leaders make emotions and feelings their primary job. Because this is how meaning is created. This is how we attach even the most mundane work into something with purpose.

We have all heard the story of someone coming upon two men carrying heavy rocks. One of them appeared to be miserable and when asked what he was doing, he said he carries heavy rocks every day. The other man appeared joyful under his weighty burden. And when asked what he was doing, he said he is building a cathedral. The second man was working with purpose and energy because he was connected to something of meaning, something that touches the emotions and not just the bank account.

The best leaders today are building cathedrals.