The Boundless Leader No. 3: Leaders write stuff down

June 22, 2022

I learned that truism by reading the great Jim Loehr, the renowned sports psychologist, author and founder of The Human Performance Institute. If you’re not familiar with Jim, he’s this inspirational, ram-rod straight, 80+-year-old guy with incredible energy who has worked with champion athletes for decades.

He’s known for having the people he works with keep a journal of how they want to speak to themselves at times of difficulty during their sport. The idea is literally to script our life every day. And to reflect on this script in written form. As I heard him say once, he has never seen a champion change their life and performance without writing it down first.

That’s pretty astute. And it’s not just for athletes. It works for anyone, including me. For a long time now, I spend a little bit of time each morning and each evening writing stuff down about my life, my day, my thinking, my goals. It takes just a few minutes. It’s not fine literature. It’s hard to read sometimes. But it is calming and aligning and slows me down.

Most of the truly successful people and leaders I’ve met in my life do some form of journaling that helps them see themselves better and self-correct.

Journaling, in a sense, is really just the first draft of your future success.

McKeel Hagerty is CEO of Hagerty (HGTY).